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  • Hot Spring Spas Replacement Spa Pillow 2002-2007 - Cool Grey 72597
    Part Number: 72597 Color: Cool Grey 72597 Pillow - Cool Grey is for the following models: Hot Spring Grandee 2002-2007, Hot Spring Vista 2004-2007, Hot Spring Envoy 2004-2007, Hot Spring Vanguard 2002-2007, Hot Spring Jetsetter 2002-2007, Hot Spring Prodigy 2002-2007, Hot Spring Sovereign 2002-2007, Hot Spring Accolade 2005-2006, Hot Spring Landmark 2000-2003, Hot Spring Aria 2007, Hot Spring Highlife ILE 2003. Replace worn out Hot Springs Hot Tub pillows with our Watkins Replacement Pillow! Your spa will have a fresh new look and restored comfort with a new spa neck pillow. Hot Spring Spa Supplies carries spa fragrances, air & water valves, control systems, filter accessories, lights, cleaners, pumps, thermostats, and more for virtually every hot spring model.
  • Hot Springs Watkins Spas Freshwater MPS Test Strips - 61407
    Strips to test for MPS PH and Alkalinity Level in hot tubs While similar to pool water management, spa and Jacuzzi tubs' higher temperatures and smaller water volume present unique challenges, including faster chemical reactions and increased evaporation rates - meaning it's vital to test the levels of your water regularly! To test your Hot Springs Spa, simply dip the test strip into the water and then compare the colors on the test strip with those on the bottle. To keep your Spa water clean and balanced is important! Test the water before and after each use and to treat it regularly. We recommend tracking your results each time you test. Hot Spring Spa Supplies carries spa fragrances, air & water valves, control systems, filter accessories, lights, cleaners, pumps, thermostats, and more for virtually every hot spring model.
  • Japanese Hot Spring Bath Powders - 30g X 18 Packs by Yumeguri
    Bath Salt Bomb Fizzies Size: 30g x 18 packs Made in China (Japanese Product)
  • Tabino Yado Hot Springs Bath Salt Milky Assortment (4 kinds 13 packages) & Clear Assortment (5 Kinds 15 Packages) Value Pack from Kracie (Total 9 Kinds 28 Packages)
    The Tabino Yado Hot Springs Clear Assortment Pack has everything you need to take a hot springs getaway - right in the comfort of you own tub. Enjoy 9 different hot springs famous throughout Japan. Our line of bath salts treat the skin, body and mid. You will emerge from your bath transformed, and believing (as we do) that a bath can heal our spirits each and every day. Not a perfume or bubble bath - Minerals promote circulation and warmth... Intense aromas relax you and last as long as your bath! The quantity of 1 package is all 25g.(total 700g) Each box contains 28 individual foil sealed powders featuring 9 different clear & milky Japanese hot spring spa experiences - a perfect way to try them all!
  • Hot Spring Watkins Freshwater MPS Tabs - Odor Reducing Tablets, 76754
    32% Potassium Peroxymonosulfate same as Leisure Time Renew Tabs Non-chlorine Spa Shock Oxidizer
    19.99 $
  • Hot Spring Pillow for Hot Springs spas 2008-2013 cool grey
    Item 74317 Color: Cool gray Fits the mid year 2007 through 2013 Hot Spring spa models. This pillow is not backwards compatible (won't fit on older Hot Springs).
  • Moto Massage Jet Assembly, Warm Gray For Hot Spring Spas - 73307 by Hot Spring Spas
    Item 73307 The warm gray colored (light beige) Moto-Massage Jet is the current factory replacement for the Solana/Hot Spot TX & SX models and for all model year Hot Spring spas prior to 2014. This color Moto-Massage jet replaces the obsoleted taupe (71897), ivory, white (70319) and cool gray (71262) colored Moto-Massage jets. This jet comes complete with the silicone air tube (70307 ), cap (30723) and o-ring. Note: The included small silicone air tube (70307) is the only sub-part of the Moto-Massage jet that is available separately from the manufacturer and us . The head, vertebrae (spine) and large silicone/rubber tube that runs inside the vertebrae are not available separately
  • Hot Spring/Hot Spot Watkins Grey Pillow - 77444
    Hot Springs Hot Spot Grey Pillow 2015 to current Pillow Is 11.5 inches long
  • Hinodewashi Oyumaru monochromatic OO-250C clear 12 pieces (Pack of 6 x 2 pcs set) (japan import)
    Hinodewashi Oyumaru monochromatic OO-250C clear 12 pieces (x 2 pcs set) (japan import)
  • Japanese Hot Spring Bath Powders Assortment Pack (36 Packets,8 types, 30g Each) - Multiple of Scents Bath Salts for Relaxation, Aromatherapy, Muscle Pain - Includes mussor original Towel
    8 TYPES :LARGE ASSORTMENT PACK – Get ready to enjoy multiple amazing scents and aromas with our 36 assorted pack of Japanese Hot Spring Bath Powders. Includes a green box and a pink box; each with 18 packets. Includes Original Towel DIFFERENT SCENTS Bath Salts – Each scent represents scents from a specific city in Japan. With the different bath powders, you will feel like you are in Japan soaking in one of their beautiful Onsens (Hot Springs) SOOTHING AND RELAXING – Simply pour a scented bath salt powder packet into a warm bath and feel your troubles wash away. Beautiful bathtime aromatherapy and relaxation like you have never felt before PAIN RELIEF – The soothing sensation will help ease back pain, muscle soreness, and relax your body. The warming ingredients can also help relieve eczema, itchy skin, poor blood circulation and more 2 BOXES OF BATH POWDERS – Each box contains 18 - 30g packets of powder to enjoy with your bath. Green Box: Hokkaido, Yamagata, Kagoshima, Nagano. Pink Box: Akita, Nagano, Aomori, Gunma