• BENSN 5V Power Supply Adapter for Cisco IP Phones SPA500, 501G, 508G, SPA504G, SPA525G2, CP500, SPA900, SPA303, SPA922, SPA942 and SPA962, Cisco SPA Series Phones Charger Power Cord
    Input: AC 110-240V, 50-60Hz Output: DC 5V 2A, 5 feet power cord Tested, approved and certified by FCC, CE and ROHS, and designed with safeguard features against over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit and over-temperature. Designed for Cisco SPA500, CP500, SPA900, SPA504G, SPA303, SPA922, SPA942, SPA525G2and SPA962 , SPA Series IP Phones. Replacement for Cisco original Model PA100 charger. Advanced secure technique with over voltage output protection, over current output protection, short circuit output protection this power adapter is very durable and easy to operate.
  • AC Adapter for Cisco SPA112 SPA122 2 Port Phone Adapter WRP400 SPA2102 SPA232D
    World Wide Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz. Replacement AC Adapter/Charger ,100% Compatible with the device model listed. Charger/Adapter has total 6.5 Ft Long power cord. Safety Features: Over current protection; Total power protection; Over voltage protection; Short Circuit Protection. Manufactured with the highest quality materials. Certification: FCC, CE and RoHS.
  • Fleetguard Coolant Immersion Heater 6' Replacement cord 120V 251919
    Coolant Immersion Heater 6' Replacement cord 120V Replaces 251919C
  • 5304500901 Room Air Conditioner Power Cord Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Part
    This part is compatible with models including; 25377185410,25377185412,FFRH1822R21,CAH25ECR20,FFRH1822R20,FFRH18L2R20,CAE28ECR20,FFRA2822R21,FFRH1822R2E0,FFRH2522R20,CAH18ECR20 Unplug the room air conditioner before installing this part Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part. This power cord (part number 5304500901) is for room air conditioners Wear work gloves to protect your hands
  • UpBright 6V AC Adapter Compatible with # UA-0603 26-160030-2UL-100 26-160030-2UL-107 Motorola U060030A12V UA0603 Vtech CL82409 CL82509 DS6322 DS6321 DS6522 Phone Handset KU1C-060-0300A 6VAC (NOT 6VDC)
    Input: 110V - 117V - 120VAC 60Hz. UpBright 30 days money back guarantee. 1 full year service warranty. Fits Vtech AT&T EL50003 EL50013 EL51103 EL51203 EL52203 EL52213 EL52253 2 EL52313 EL52333 EL52353 3 EL52503 EL52103 EL52113 EL52403 EL52200 EL52210 EL52250 EL52201 EL52500 EL52510 EL52251 EL52303 EL 52303 EL52301 EL52351 EL52401 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone Digital Answering System Handset Charging Cradle UpBright New AC6V AC-AC Adapter Compatible with Vtech AT&T Model No.: UA-0603 26-160030-2UL-100 26-160030-2UL-107 SIL Motorola U060030A12V UA0603 26-160030-2UL-108 26-160030-2UL-120 Component Corded Telephone V tech ATT CL82409 CL82509 DECT 6.0 DECT6.0 Digital Cordless Phone Answering System Caller ID CID Call Waiting Extra Handset Charging Cradle Dock 6V 6VAC 300mA AC6V300mA 6.0V 0.3A -0.5A AC6.0V 6.0VAC Class 2 Transformer ITE Power Supply Cord Cable Wall Battery Charger Mains PSU (NOT ❌ 6VDC) Compatible with: Model # KU1C-060-0300A KUIC-060-0300A KU1C0600300A China Tone 26-160030-2UL-106 26-160030-2UL-107 U060030A12V 26-160030-2UL-110 6VAC 300mA AC6V 0.3A - 1A Class 2 Transformer Power Supply; Fits VTech DS6322 DS6322-4 DS6322-3 DS6321 DS6321-4 DS6321-3 DS6321-2 DS6522 DS6522-3 DS6522-32 DS6522-4; LS Series LS6326-4 LS6326-5 Handset Charging Cradle; Fits AT&T CRL81212 CRL 81212 HD Audio DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone Main Base Unit 6VAC Power Supply Fits: AT&T VTech CL80101 CL80109 CL80111 CL80113 CL80114 CL81101 CL81109 CL81113 CL81213 CL81313 CL81201 CL81209 CL81211 CL81219 CL81301 CL81309 CL82114 CL82201 CL82301 CL82401 CL82214 CL82314 CL82364 CL82263 CL82363 CL82463 CL82465 CL82414 CL82464 CL82514 CL82101 CL82203 CL82451 CL82453 CL82501 CL82551 CL82553 CL82601 CL82465 CL82413 CL82450 CL82351 CL82401 CL82509 CL82209 CL82113 CL82213 CL82313 CL82413 CL82109 CL82309 CL82353 CL82359 CL82409 CL82609 CL82659 CL82859 CL82251 H/S Charging Cradle Compatible with: AT&T VTech CL83113 CL83213 CL83313 CL 83113 CL 83213 CL 83313 CL83413 CL83201 CL83251 CL83215 CL83315 CL83415 CL83365 CL83465 CL83565 CL83301 CL83351 CL83401 CL83255 CL83413 CL83451 CL84102 CL84109 CL84209 CL84309 CL83455 CL83555 CL84100 CL84200 CL84250 CL84300 CL84350 CL84342 CL84115 CL84215 CL84415 CL84202 CL83263 CL83363 CL83463 CL84152 CL84252 CL84265 CL84352 DECT 6.0 Digital Cordless Phone HD Audio Answering System Extra Handset Charging Cradle
    14.95 $ 16.99 $ -12%
  • WSU180-0450-13, AC/DC Adapter - Wall Mount - 8.1 Watts: 18V @ 0.45A - NA Input Blades - Lvl V (5 Items)
  • Genuine Netgear AC Adapter Power Supply 12.0V 2.5A Model: P030WF120B & 332-10200-02
    Model: P030WF120B & 332-10200-02 OR 332-10200-01(NOT by Inauthentic upright brand) Input: 120VAC~60Hz 1.0A Output: 12 V DC ~2.5A
  • 15V 2A(2Amp) Wall Universal Power Supply Charger, 5.5mm x 2.1mm / 5.5mm x 2.5mm for Router, Humidifier, Air Cleaner, LCD Monitor, LED Lights, Communications Equipment, Bluetooth Speaker, Receiver
    Input: 100-120V AC, 50-60Hz, Wide voltage design, Almost all countries contain civil voltage range, This product is widely used, application products such as:router, humidifier, air cleaner, electronic refrigerator, LCD monitor, LED lights, communications equipment, audio and video products, security, computer case, bluetooth speaker, receiver, outdoor speaker, amp, HUB, switches, security cameras and so on. Special design and high quality materials ensure that the adapter is kept in low temperature to charge safely, and its low energy consumption conform to the US Energy Star VI. Comes with connector: 5.5*2.1mm, Polarity: positive (+) center, LED connection, 5.5*2.5mm and 5.5*2.1mm Warranty: 30 Days Money Back ,12 Months Warranty and 24/7 Email Support. Output: 15V Max 2A/2000mA, it means that it can supply with all amperage which smaller than 2A. ---such as 1.5A, 1.4, 1A, 600mA, 800mA, 900mA all is available, for example If your device drawing the current only needs 1A then only 1A will be supplied. However, if you needed more than 2A then you will get 2A also.
  • Honeywell, Inc. 802360LA Replacement Motor-120 Vac, 60 Hz
  • Echo / Shindaiwa A446000000 LEVER, ACTUATOR
    Manufacturer part number A446000000